The CERM reproductive season ends with the birth of eight chicks and thus marks a new “record”

The last hatching of the 2019 breeding season at the CERM Rapaci Minacciati Center occurred on June 27th, bringing to eight the total number of chicks born and marking the maximum historical number of births in the structure.

Two chicks fed with a puppet in the shape of a vulture;

The eight eggs hatched between May 23 and June 27, sometimes naturally, sometimes with the help of the operators. The chicks, all in excellent health, are the offspring of five different pairs of Egyptian vulture hosted at CERM. Unfortunately, five other eggs were found to be sterile.
The eggs were artificially incubated, using a complex but effective methodology that provides for a constant weight control, aimed at determining an adequate drop over approximately 42 days of incubation through continuous regulation of humidity.

An egg in the initial phase of hatching

Seven chicks were hand-bred for a few days and then transferred to adoptive parents or single adoptive fathers; the last born is still looked after by the CERM operators.

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