European networking

In its first phases, this project provides for the development of a workshop dedicated to ex-situ reproduction (Action A.3). Its targets are the European reproduction centres and the individuals involved in the conservation of the species. The workshop offers the possibility of comparing the adopted methodologies. It also focuses on the stipulation of collaboration agreements aimed at improving the results of ex-situ reproduction and on achieving the largest possible number of individuals born in captivity available for release (exchange of breeding individuals, transfer of individuals for release, etc.).
To promote the knowledge of the activities carried out within the project, the methods used and the results obtained, various actions have been put in place to initially target those who are interested in the conservation of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and in Europe (Action E.5):

  • the creation of a network to implement a permanent exchange of good practices, especially in relation to captive breeding (ex-situ) and releases;
  • contacts and meetings between the various individuals, as well as a visit to the Italian project areas where the main conservation actions have been carried out;
  • the production and dissemination of two manuals – one about ex-situ reproduction and releases, and the other about methods of securing power lines for birdlife.

Other opportunities for comparison and dissemination of the activities and results of the project are provided by conferences and workshops (Action E.4) and by the final conference of the project that will take place in Italy in 2022 (Action E.6).
Objective: To create a European network for species conservation; to promote replicability and transferability of project methods and results.
Beneficiaries involved: All beneficiaries (in particular ISPRA, for the coordination of actions A.3 and E.5 and the production of the manual on ex-situ reproduction; e-distribuzione, for the production of the manual on the safety of power lines for birds and the organisation of the final conference; Federparchi-Europarc Italy, for the organisation of the visit to the project areas).

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