Activities to combat the illegal use of poison

(Action C.3)
The action encompasses:

  • organising a training course for personnel in the protected areas in southern Italy and the use of Anti-poison Dog Units which are already operating and managed by the Forestry Carabinieri to periodically inspect inhabited areas of the Egyptian vulture;
  • activating an Anti-poison Dog Unit in the Canary Islands and training police personnel in the management of poisoning incidents.

The effectiveness of this action and the synergistic awareness-raising activities to combat the use of poison implemented with Action E.3 (meetings with stakeholders and contacts with agricultural and livestock companies, dissemination of informative material, etc.) will be the objectives of a specific survey (Action D.1).
Objective: To prevent and combat the use of poisoned bait, mitigating its impact.
Beneficiaries involved: Federparchi-Europarc Italy (course for Italian parks personnel); ISPRA (NCA involvement); Government of the Canary Islands and GESPLAN (activities in the Canaries).

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