Food support

(Action C.2)
In Italy the project includes the implementation and management of:

  • four heavy (permanent) feeding stations – one in Apulia (in the SCI/ZPS of the Terra delle Gravine Natural Park), two in Basilicata (in the ZPS Gravina di Matera and ZPS Appennino Lucano National Park) and one in Sicily (in the ZSC/ZPS Laghetti di Preola and Gorghi Tondi);
  • a light (temporary) feeding station (in Calabria).

Two heavy feeding stations will be constructed and managed in the Canary Islands; one on Fuerteventura and the other on Lanzarote.
Monitoring of their use by the vultures will be carried out through the use of four cameras and a video surveillance system (in Italy) and two camera traps (in the Canary Islands) that will integrate the direct control of the structures (Action D.1).
Objective: To provide “safe” food supplies, support nesting pairs (increasing reproductive success), mitigate the impact of potential threats, favour the establishment of new pairs.
Beneficiaries involved: ISPRA (for feeding stations in Calabria and Sicily); Basilicata Region (for feeding stations in the Basilicata project areas); Apulia Region (for the feeding station in the Apulia project area); Government of the Canary Islands and GESPLAN (for feeding stations in the Canary Islands).

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