LIFE Egyptian vulture project

Measures for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and in the Canary Islands

The project

Italy and the Canary Islands: Two very distant and very different places that are home to a small vulture – the Egyptian vulture – whose conservation is seriously threatened by various problems and anthropic factors common to both geographical areas.

The two small and isolated populations were affected by a progressive decline in the 20th century, which dramatically reduced the number of breeding pairs and their geographical territory.

The LIFE Egyptian vulture project was set up to implement concrete measures to help prevent the extinction of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and consolidate the recovery seen in the Canary Islands over the past two decades.


Clint: from egg to Sahara desert in 100 days

Clint, born at the CERM on 31 May 2020 and released in Basilicata on 15 August together with three other young Egyptian vultures, is making his first, long and dangerous migration to the African wintering districts. Starting on August 26 from the release area, in the Murgia Materana Regional Park, Clint quickly crossed Calabria and ... Read more

The young Zoe was recovered in Molise

Zoe’s life in nature did not last long: the young Egyptian vulture, who had been released on August 15 in the Murgia Materana Park, was taken back on September 7 in Jelsi, in Molise, because there were fears about her health and the fact that Zoe was able to manage on his own. Now Zoe ... Read more

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