LIFE Egyptian vulture project

Measures for the conservation of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and in the Canary Islands

The project

Italy and the Canary Islands: Two very distant and very different places that are home to a small vulture – the Egyptian vulture – whose conservation is seriously threatened by various problems and anthropic factors common to both geographical areas.

The two small and isolated populations were affected by a progressive decline in the 20th century, which dramatically reduced the number of breeding pairs and their geographical territory.

The LIFE Egyptian vulture project was set up to implement concrete measures to help prevent the extinction of the Egyptian vulture in Italy and consolidate the recovery seen in the Canary Islands over the past two decades.


Cloe makes a stop on Linosa Island before reaching Africa

Cloe was born on 27 June 2023 at CERM, she was released in Basilicata on 20 August and reached sub-Saharan Africa on 2 October: these are the highlights of this young vulture’s life. In the release area, in the Murgia Materana Park, Cloe spent 13 days before embarking on her autumn migration on 2 September, ... Read more

Great interest in the final LIFE Egyptian vulture project conference

Over the days 19-20-21 September 2023, the final LIFE Egyptian vulture project conference was held in Matera. Organised by e-distribuzione S.p.A., the event provided an in-depth illustration of the actions and results of the project and, thanks to the participation of speakers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Israel, Great Britain and Greece, a comprehensive panel ... Read more

Dora and Cloe, freed in Basilicata, are migrating

Two young female Egyptian vultures, born at the CERM Centro Rapaci Minacciati on 27 and 28 June 2023, were released in Basilicata on 20 August 2023 and are now migrating south. Dora and Cloe: these are the names of the two Egyptian vultures. On 15 August, they were placed in a release box overlooking a ... Read more

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