Captive breeding of the Egyptian vulture and release into the wild: a manual illustrates the methods and results of 24 years of activity in Italy

The LIFE Egyptian vulture project concluded with the publication of a handbook dedicated to the captive breeding of the Egyptian vulture and the release into the wild of captive-bred individuals.

The document, drafted by Guido Ceccolini and Anna Cenerini (Biodiversità sas), presents 24 years of experience in the management of the largest stock of captive Egyptian vultures in the world, hosted at the CERM Endangered Raptor Centre in Rocchette di Fazio (Tuscany). It also describes the three different methods that have been adopted since 2003 for the release into the wild in Italy of young captive-bred individuals.
In the final part of the publication, the results of the releases are partially analysed, highlighting how the vultures released in the year of birth recorded a higher survival rate than those released in their second and third year of age.
The manual, which is written in English, aims to be a useful tool for those who are, at European level, active in the conservation of the species.

To download the manual, click here

Life Egyptian Vulture