The project includes numerous activities to raise awareness among and involve stakeholders in the project areas with the implementation of:

  • preliminary meetings with the local population (Action A.4);
  • an awareness campaign against the illegal use of poison, including meetings, direct contacts with farms and/or agricultural and livestock centres and the dissemination of information brochures (Action E.3);
  • educational activities in schools (Action E.1);
  • a campaign to raise awareness among tour operators (Action E.1).

For dissemination both locally and more widely, various materials will be produced and circulated (Action E.1): A brochure on the project, a booklet on the Egyptian vulture, a documentary, a cartoon, an educational kit for schools, an educational notebook for children. Information panels will be installed in the project areas (Action E.1).
Objective: To promote knowledge and the sharing of the actions and the aims of the project; to prevent the illegal use of poison.
Beneficiaries involved: All beneficiaries (e-distribuzione and the Government of the Canary Islands for the production of products for dissemination; Federparchi-Europarc Italy and the Apulia region for activities with tour operators and schools and for the campaign against the use of poison in Italy; GESPLAN for the activity in schools on the Canary islands; GESPLAN and the Government of the Canary Islands for the campaign against the use of poison in the Canaries).

Life Egyptian Vulture

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