How to help the Egyptian vulture: a documentary recounts the work conducted in the scope of the LIFE Egyptian vulture project

The story of Clint, the young Egyptian vulture, is the theme of the documentary which tells the activities that are in full swing thanks to the LIFE Egyptian vulture project.

The film, produced by E-Distribution and realized by the communication agency Alphaomega s.r.l., shows a lot of practice and little theory, because helping the Egyptian vulture means above all developing a hard and long-lasting field work.

In fact, both in Italy and in the Canary Islands, the staff of LIFE Egyptian vulture and lots of passionate volunteers rolled up their sleeves and took the field for the common goal of ensuring a future for this species.

There’s plenty of work to be done: it is necessary to avoid poaching’s acts against vultures, disturbances of nesting sites, episodes of poisoning and accidents caused by electrocution.

Moreover, the animals are constantly monitored and special, well-stocked “restaurants” are set up in order to support them.

In Italy, a great hope for the species is represented by the young ones born in captivity that are released into the wild every year.

Clint is just one of them and he’s the main character of an extraordinary story that begins with an egg laid by a pair of Egyptian vultures from the CERM Endangered Raptors Centre and whose exciting sequel is revealed in the documentary.

The documentary can be seen in the “video” section of the site in the full version and in a reduced one, in Italian, English and Spanish.

Life Egyptian Vulture