The Egyptian vulture Aguirre is the protagonist of the educational book produced in the Canary Islands

Aguirre is a Egyptian vulture living in the Canary Islands, between the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. He tells readers how the life of a vulture unfolds, also involving his cousin Bianca, who lives in Italy, the young Egyptian vulture Guize and his friend Leo, a griffin with whom he shares in good part food tastes.

Aguirre, the Egyptian vulture protagonist

In the didactic notebook created by GESPLAN, Aguirre also explains what are the many dangers in which the Egyptian vultures can come across and what interventions of willing humans can put in place to limit them, just as you try to do with the LIFE Egyptian vulture project.

Leo, the griffin

The beautiful didactic notebook, with its nice characters, will be an important didactic instrument that will be adopted in the within of the didactic activity turned to the school population.

A page from the didactic notebook

To download the notebook in PDF format click here.

Life Egyptian Vulture