Two more Egyptian vultures freed in Italy in 2022

In August 2022 Tommy and Victor were released in Basilicata, in the Murgia Materana Park, they were both born at CERM Centro Rapaci Threatened at the beginning of June 2022. The release took place in the same area where four other young Egyptian vultures were released in May 2022.

Victor posed around the release area


Tommy a few days after the release

Tommy was released on august the 16th while Victor, born ten days later, was released on August the 25th  and before being transferred to the crate located in the release area he spent ten days at the CRAS in Matera to complete the plumage growth.

Victor in the nest box

So, while Tommy was already starting his southward migration on August the 23rd,  Victor was still in the nest box to complete his acclimatization period.

The settling and release case

The release was coordinated by ISPRA and organized by De Rerum Natura sas with the support of Biodiversity sas and the collaboration of the CERM Association.

The group that handled the release of Tommy and Victor

CITES service personnel are committed to constantly monitoring the two young Egyptian vultures, both at the release site and during their travels to guarantee them the necessary safety.

With Tommy and Victor are 25 young Egyptian vultures born in captivity released in Italy since the beginning of the LIFE Egyptian vulture project.

Life Egyptian Vulture