Monitoring visit 2022, finally back in person

The technical monitoring visit for the year 2022 of the LIFE Egyptian vulture project took place on May 10th in southern Tuscany, finally on-site.

The technical monitoring visit 2022

The beneficiaries met at the Unione dei Comuni Montani Amiata Grossetana, an istitution that collaborates with ISPRA in the development of various activities and, in particular, in the captive reproduction of the Egyptian vulture at the CERM, the threatened bird of prey center , a structure managed by the association of the same name.

Group visiting CERM

In addition to the detailed examination of the status of the project’s actions, the meeting allowed the beneficiaries to carry out an inspection at CERM.

Application of metal ring

Here the monitor, Dr. Cozzi, was able to assist and collaborate in the ringing and application of GPS data loggers on four young Egyptian vultures and, later, on their departure towards Basilicata where, after a short period of acclimatization in a nest box , they will be released.

Flight test after installing the GPS datalogger


The four Egyptian vultures ready for departure

Life Egyptian Vulture