Action! The LIFE Egyptian vulture project’s documentary is in progress

A documentary is in progress and it will tell what is being done to help the Egyptian vulture in Italy and the Canary Islands thanks to the LIFE Egyptian vulture project.

Ringing of an Egyptian vulture

The troupe that takes care of the realization of the documentary is following the work of the naturalists, biologists, volunteers and other subjects involved in the project in the field in order to document all the salient actions that are carried out, from reproduction in captivity to the release of young Egyptian vultures and their monitoring, from the supply of the feeding points to the securing of the power lines, from the surveillance of sensitive areas to the fight against the illegal use of poison .

The documentary will last 15 minutes and will be made in Italian, Spanish and English. A shortened version of 5 minutes will also be available.

Interview in the release area

Life Egyptian Vulture