The 2020 breeding season of CERM ends with the birth of four chicks

Between May and June 2020, four Egyptian vulture chicks were born at the CERM Rapacious Threatened Center in Rocchette di Fazio (GR).

Compared to 2019, the year in which eight chicks had marked the productivity record of the structure, some sterile eggs and the “disagreements” between the partners of two couples prevented obtaining an equally large number of young vultures.

Two brothers temporarily separated to encourage their “socialization”

The eggs were artificially incubated and the chicks were raised by hand for a few days with the aid of an effective puppet which depicts the head of an adult Egyptian vulture
(precious gift given to the CERM Association by friends Maura and Alessandro) later, the first born of the season was entrusted to the adoptive parent Alex, the second to the adoptive parent couple made up of Elena and Salvatore while the last two chicks born are raised by their biological father, Melchiorre.

Born with an average weight of about 50-60 grams, as always the chicks show an extraordinary rapidity of growth that will take them in just over two months to weigh about two kilos and show a wingspan of 160-170 cm.

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