Dora and Cloe, freed in Basilicata, are migrating

Two young female Egyptian vultures, born at the CERM Centro Rapaci Minacciati on 27 and 28 June 2023, were released in Basilicata on 20 August 2023 and are now migrating south.

Dora and Cloe: these are the names of the two Egyptian vultures. On 15 August, they were placed in a release box overlooking a splendid view of the Matera ravine, in the Natural Park of Murgia Materana. On 20 August, after the opening of the nest box, they began to settle and make modest movements in the area, constantly using, especially Cloe, the feeding and drinking points set up around the release site.

The release was coordinated by ISPRA and organised by De Rerum Natura sas with the support of Biodiversità sas and the collaboration of the CERM Association.

On 2 September, both vultures, separately but at about the same time, began their migration.

Personnel of the CITES service of the forest Carabinieri are engaged in surveilling the two specimens along the migratory route to guarantee the necessary security.

Dora is given water with a puppet depicting an Egyptian vulture
Cloe and Dora in the release box in the Murgia Materana Park
Dora in the days following the release
Cloe and Dora in the Matera ravine

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